General Terms and Conditions
  1. Terms of Contract
    1. These terms apply to all purchases made by private or business customers through the company's website. 
    2. Orders are confirmed by the company. The sales contract becomes is concluded once the confirmation is received by the customer. Should said confirmation not be received within a reasonable period the customer shall consider the order declined and is entitled to void the contract.
  2. Pricing and Discounts
    1. Prices are listed in Swiss Francs (CHF). Value added tax and advanced recycling fees are included. Shipping and handling expenses are additionally charged to the customer.
    2. The company reserves the right to change process at any time. The customer is charged the current prices listed at the time the order is placed.
    3. Terms for any promotions and discounts are listed in the product details.
  3. Information on Products and Services
    1. Information on products and services provided by Swiss Rugby Shop GmbH are presented to the customer in a clear and customer-friendly manner. Swiss Rugby Shop GmbH is committed to keeping information provided by the manufacturers up-to-date and presenting it clearly and correctly, but it cannot be held responsible for errors in the information as provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Dispatch conditions
    1. Orders will normally be dispatched within the period listed in the online shop. If delivery takes longer the customer will be informed by the end of the normal dispatch period at the latest. If the customer should not receive information on prolonged delivery times he is entitled to propose a reasonable new delivery date. If delivery should again fail to happen by that time the customer is entitled to void the purchase contract.
  5. Returns
    1. Any costs incurred by returns are to be covered by the customer and and are carried out at his risk. Returns are to be addressed to the location described in the “Delivery and Returns” section of via registered post. All goods are to be returned carefully packed in the original product packing and with all items originally included. Returns due to faulty goods must include a detailed description of the fault and a copy of the original receipt or confirmation of purchase. Swiss Rugby Shop GmbH is entitled to charge any costs incurred for inspection and/or disposal or recycling of returned goods without any ascertainable faults to the customer. Returns for which no customer can be determined are kept for 12 months before being disposed.
  6. Cancellations
    1. Should a customer cancel a purchase due to delivery delays, faulty goods or other reasons for which the company is responsible, the company will return any payments already made for the goods or services in question and will also cover any shipping and handling costs for the return of the goods in question.
  7. Liability and Warranty
    1. The company guarantees that the sold goods have the features described on the homepage at the time of purchase and that they have no faults reducing their value or suitability for their intended use for a period of 12 months.
    2. The customer is required to check the purchased goods as quickly as possible and to report any faults to the customer support address listed on the homepage Undetected faults may still be reported after use of the goods. Execution of payment is not considered a waiver of the right to report defects.
    3. Should the delivered goods be faulty the customer has the choice of requesting rectification of the defect free of charge, receiving a price reduction according to the loss in value caused by the defect, void the contract or to request replacement of the faulty goods. The customer reserves the right for compensation in any case.
  8. Payment
    1. The customer has the following options of payment:
      • Companies / clubs: A bill is delivered along with the goods. Payment deadline in such a case is 30 days after receiving the bill.
      • All other accepted payment options are listed on
  9. Liability for Online-Connectivity and Data Protection
    1. The company is committed to keep the systems and software which are under its control secured and technically up-to-date as well as to adhere to the current data protection rules and regulations.
    2. Security of data, systems and software under the control of the customer are the customer's concern. The customer is obliged to keep usernames and passwords used to purchase goods and services from Swiss Rugby Shop secret.
    3. The company is not liable for faults it is not responsible for especially not for security flaws and unavailablity of third-party systems such as those of its suppliers.
    4. The company cannot be held accountable for force majeure, improper procedure and disregards of risks by the customer or third parties, overuse or overload, improper resources of the customer or third parties, extreme environmental effects or security issues (e.g. virus) that occur despite appropriate security procedures being in effect.
  10. Place of Jurisdiction
    1. These terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with Swiss law, in particular the “Obligationenrecht” (OR)
    2. Place of jurisdiction is the domicile of the company (or that of the supplier).