You can expect a reliable partner which will help your club getting the right training gear and team kits. You want to provide your members and fans products so they can support you off the pitch? No Problem, we help you design and sell your merchandise products.

We will support your needs as a new or established club so your club members and fans can spend their time for what’s most important.. enjoying rugby!


Training gear

You need training gear?

No problem we can provide you with what you need. From tackle pads to balls.

Team kits

You need customized club jerseys, shorts, bags or any other team kit equipment?

We will help you design it and find the right brand. With our experience we can make sure that your club logo and sponsors are put to the right place and gear.

Merchandise products

You want to make your team kits available for fans and club members? You want to provide your fans and members with products to support your club off the pitch? You don’t have the budget to produce them? You don’t have a platform to sell them?

We can provide a high variety of products which can be customized to fit you clubs brand. We will help you find the right product and design. We provide and sell your products for you. So once available you only need to make them known. For each sold product you will get money in your club account to further support your team.


As rugby players we know that a lot of rugby kit is still being purchased from overseas which can lead to increased shipping and handling costs and may hinder the return process.

As club representatives we know that organizing training equipment, playing kit and merchandise can be a time-consuming task often also involving overseas suppliers.

As Swiss rugby fans it is difficult to purchase merchandise of Swiss and International rugby teams without involving overseas suppliers.

For these reasons we decided to found Swiss Rugby Shop to be able to fill those gaps in supply and be able to provide top-notch rugby gear and merchandise to teams, players and fans