Gilbert XP1000 Shoulder Pads
  • Gilbert XP1000 Shoulder Pads
  • Gilbert XP1000 Shoulder Pads

Gilbert XP1000 Shoulder Pads / Body Armour

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If you are looking for the ultimate body armour you can trust on the rugby pitch, then the XP1000 from Gilbert Rugby is the best you will find. As rugby players, we know injury can be in the back of your mind when you take to the rugby pitch, that's why we have developed a series tough body armour for you, made for rugby. This XP1000 model, sits at the top of that pile.

Size: SB
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The XP1000 Body Armour provides 12 strategically placed pads across the arms, chest and back to provide coverage across the biceps, sternum, kidneys and ribs as well as a large back padding for added armour when tackling or being tackled.

In rugby it's important to feel safe without having your normal movement restricted, with Gilbert body armour we have developed our shoulder pads with professional rugby players to ensure you still get your full range of motions without restrictions that would otherwise compromise performance.

The XP1000 has a 3D moulded system providing ultimate flexibility and coverage acting like a second skin, whilst maintaining impact absorption. The 4 way stretch composition we have used enhances the range of movements designed to accelerate the pull of moisture away from the skins surface. The body is then kept dry and the chill effect is eliminated.

The high performance compression X1 fabric supports your muscles and improves circulation to further enhance performance on the pitch. To compliment this, the fastwick dry insert fabric gives players improved breathability.

Adult sizes vary from Small to 2-X Large. With it's comprehensive upper body padding and high performance construction, the XP1000 is a great option for for club rugby players at all levels of the game.

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